Icons are of great importance to developers and designers in the designs of all kinds of interfaces.

These sets of people see icons as an exceptional resource because of the better visualization, attractiveness and usable environments icons offer to them.

Creating a custom icon is time-consuming. Going on the internet to search for free icons too is not time-saving too.

This is why we have decided to notice some amazing icons because we know the importance of icons on designs.

In this article, we will be explaining to you some amazing free Icon Sets you can lay your hands on for your next project.

1. Space Icons

Agata is the creator of this set of free icons. Space icons are for people that love science fiction.

 Free Icon Sets


  • These icons come in outline, colored and sticker forms
  • You can try them out for your personal and commercial projects

2. Notification icons for Adobe XD

Scot Martin, a Canadian Illustrator, also known as Burnt Toast Creative designed these notification icons during the time he did joint work with Adobe XD.

 Free Icon Sets


  • It contains 12 icons

3. Citysets

Bryn Taylor, a digital designer, is the one behind the creation of Citysets icons. The work on this project is not done yet, Citysets is an ever-expanding collection of free vector icons. The purpose of creating these icons is to provide a visual guide for every city in our world today.

 Free Icon Sets


  • It comprises just 6 sets so far: San Francisco, Manchester, London, New York, Paris and Sydney
  • A set of Citysets contains about 20 icons

4. Wildlife Icons

This set of icons is created by Freepik. These Wildlife icons are clean simple designs.


  • You have access to choose any of the 80 icons in the set for your project

5. Find Icons

We use this set of icons to search for what you are looking for. We see find icons on desktop browsers, mobile applications, etc.


  • Find icons come in different colors: black, white and colorful 3D icons

6. The Noun Project

The motive behind the creation of this Noun project is to provide icons that all have the same and constant aesthetic.


  • It comes up with a search area, stunning UI and some really nice icon designs

7. FlatIcons

Freepik did so well by creating this plenty FlatIcons.


  • It contains free 19500 icon packs
  • Flat icons are free to use for both commercial and personal projects

8. UXPin Icon Set

The icons here are perfect to easily and quickly develop prototypes. UXPin Icon Set is stunning in appearance and it is of different forms.


  • It comes with over 80 icons
  • It pretty cool for web and mobile UI
  • It is available for free

9. Icon8

Icon8 is an extensive package of 76,100 free flat icons.


  • You can easily download these icons as a MAC app or ZIP file

10. Freepik

The icons in this category are more like a shaded vector. The icons sets here are just some of the cool ones done by Graphics Resource Freepik.


  • Any of the icons sets under this category can be downloaded in AI, EPS, and SVG format
  • These icons are free to use for both commercial and personal purposes

11. IconFinder

Icons in this category are designed in just black and white colors. Icons in Iconfinder are commonly used in designs.


  • It contains standard icons we use today for security and messaging

12. 350 pixel perfect icons

As it appears in the name, they are a stunning set of 350 pixel-perfect icons that are best suited for applications and websites.


  • You can easily customize the size of these icons
  • They are free to use for both personal and commercial reasons

13. 80 Mini Icons

These 80 mini icons are clean and beautiful. These set of icons relatively appear in small sizes.


  • You can download them in either PSD or Icon font format

14. Meterize Icons

Meterize Icons are widely used for applications and web projects. These icons are highly utilized by developers and designers.

 Free Icon Sets


  • You can have them in AI, ESP, PSD, SVG and web font formats
  • They are free to use for both commercial and personal purposes

15. Chunky Pika Icon Set

Dutch designers at Dutch Icon are the ones behind the creation of Chunky Pika Icon Set.


  • This set comes with 42 chunky pixel-perfect icons 
  • They are free to use for both personal and commercial purposes

16. 44 Shades of Free Icons

If you are looking for an easily customized and adaptable set of icons but simple, 44 Shades of Free Icons are there for you. This icon set was created by Victor Erixon.


  • You can have them downloaded in PSD format

17. Token icon set

Every icon in Token icon set has both light and dark variants.


  • It includes 128 unique icon designs

18. Free Minimal Icon Pack

This Free Minimal Icon Pack comes in both black and white versions.


  • These icons can be downloaded in SVG, EPS, PSD, AI, SKETCH, and PNG formats
  • This set contains 1800 icons
  • Free minimal icon pack goes well for both personal and commercial projects

19. Eldorado + Stroke 3132 Mini Free Icons

Icons set in this category covers for Basic, Culture, Devices, Finance, etc. Eldorado + Stroke 3132 mini is best described as a free version of Eldorado + Eldorado Stroke icons.


  • The total icons in this set are up to 3132
  • They appear in PNG format
  • Mono-coloured

20. Iconmonstr

Icons in Iconmonstr are best suited for business sites, interface design, multimedia, social media icons, etc.


  • Icons here appear in either black or white colours
  • Icons in this set are over 3600

21. 48 Free Flat Designer Icons

These 48 Free Flat Designer Icons go pretty well with travel and corporate websites.


  • It contains 48 free icons
  • They appear in AI and PNG formats
  • They come in bright monochrome coral and multicolor versions

22. Social Media Icons Pack

These are icons you can always consider whenever you are designing a new project related to social media platforms.


  • This set contains 74 icons

23. 210 Vector Minicons

These 210 Vector Minicons are a good fit for web design projects and wireframes.


  • Clean line design
  • You can easily scale them to your size you want
  • They come in vector format

24. Retro Icons

These icons come in retro style. You can easily use them for your next project that requires retro touch.


  • 120 icons in the set
  • They come in vector format

25. Metro UI Icon Set

Metro UI Icon Set comes in two different sizes.


  • 700 icons in the set
  • You can get them in PNG or ICO formats

26. 40 Design Icons

These 40 design icons are good resources for artistic websites.


  • They are available in vector, AI, EPS, SVG, and PNG formats

27. 83 Flat UX and E-Commerce Icons

These icons are really nice for representing shops, signs, barcodes, currencies, etc. when designing an e-commerce site.


  • They are available in AI and EPS formats

28. Weather Icons

These icons are a perfect fit for designing weather applications and meteorological websites.


  • 30 distinct icons
  • They are available in Sketch and PNG format

29. Nucleo Flat Business Icon Set

These icons are very good for designing corporate websites.


  • They are available in AI and SVG format

30. Universal Themes Vector Icon

This is another set of icons created by Freepik. This set is best fitted for web design.

 Free Icon Sets


  • 100 icons in the set
  • They are available in SVG format


We truly hope you now have some of these amazing free icon sets in mind for your next project. The style and method in which we use in disseminating this topic make the understanding of the article better.