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15 Amazing PhpStorm Themes

As we all know that Phpstorm is an ideal IDE for PHP programing language. It supports Symfony, Laravel, Drupal, WordPress, Zend Framework, Magento, Joomla!, CakePHP, etc.

Some interesting features of Phpstorm are listed below:

  • Highlighting of Syntax
  • Sophisticated code completion
  • Code folding
  • Spontaneus error checking

PhpStorm themes are as important as the IDE itself, these are where your codes are placed on while you are writing your codes.

On this page, we will be enlightening you on some few good themes you can decide using while working on Phpstorm.

1. Material theme

Material theme is designed to function well with every JetBrains product. And as we all know, Phpstorm is a very common product of JetBrains.


  • With it great colours, it looks really attractive
  • Dark default styling
  • It is a Code colour scheme

2. Darcula

Darcula is a solid dark theme. It is popularly known among Phpstorm users.


  • It has a cool and nice theme
  • Not just with Phpstorm, it supports many other IDEs too

3. DuoTone Dark

This is a sort of smooth theme that supports phpstorm too. As it name implies, it is a dark theme.


  • It contains 2 hues and 7 shades
  • Shades in DuoTone dark theme, help you in reducing the tone of less vital part of your code and assist in highlighting parts of great importance

4. Material Peacock

Material Peacock is a colour scheme designed by Dayle. This theme looks very nice and beautiful.


  • One of the best polished Phpstorm themes around

5. Slime

This is another good looking theme created by Dayle Rees. It ranks high among the users of Phpstorm.


  • A beautiful dark theme

6. LoveCraft

This casual theme is created by Sven Delueg. It is very pleasing and attractive to the eyes.


  • Dark in nature

7. Immersive light

Immersive light theme is designed by Vi Yar. Frontend developers make vast use of it.


  • Light colour scheme
  • It does highlighting of Syntax

8. Ukrop

Oleksandr, the creator of the theme, designed it to be multi-purpose. Ukrop also supports SublimeText.


  • Dark Phpstorm theme

9. Cobalt 2

Jan Blasko saw the Cobalt 2 theme of SublimeText created by Wes Bos and designed his own for Phpstorm.


  • This dark theme is most likely to work for a very few JetBrains products too

10. Netbeans light

The creator of this design, Zachary Schuessler, ported this default Netbeans theme to Phpstorm because he believes it is the only theme with correct contrast with Tritanomaly color blindness.


  • Light theme

11. Night and Nature

Tomas Turan created this theme to one way or the other look like obsidian.


  • A virtually dark clear theme
  • Relies on nature’s colours

12. Leuvenish

The creator of this theme got inspiration from leuven theme for emacs.


  • Light theme
  • Highlighting of semantics

13. Notepad++ theme

Radley created this theme to look like the default layout of Notepad++. It is very clear and easy to use


  • Light theme

14. Zeus

If you are a developer that loves coding in the night, this theme created by Zayn Ali is best for you.


  • Nice looking dark theme

15. SoftNight

This is an extended Darcula theme, created by Pastuh.


  • This theme is dark in nature


These themes given and explained on this page are some of the best you can use for phpstorm. Each of them got it’s interesting features to enable you decide and make a good choice for your next project.

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