Remote working is a common occurrence for many companies. It is vital to ensure you have the proper processes to make remote work effective for employees and your business. Employees will need the same guidance and encouragement from home as they would in person. 

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Businesses should ensure employees can get in touch with managers and coworkers when they need to. They should also have all the resources and equipment they would expect from working in the office. Here are some of the best ways to boost efficiency among your remote working team.  

Provide Your Team With The Equipment They Need 

Give employees all the equipment they would use in the office, including computers, microphones, headsets, and accessories. Provide quality office furniture if necessary, as comfort is crucial to working productively.  

Find A Suitable Communication Platform 

Choose a communication platform that allows employees to connect instantly. Look for tools with instant messaging capabilities like Slack and video conferencing tools like Zoom. 

Keep Communications Centralized 

Avoid using too many remote communication tools. Stick to one or two platforms to avoid information being scattered across too many areas.  

Give Employees Challenging But Achievable Deadlines 

Monitor employee performance and review deadlines and targets regularly. Push your remote workers with their targets but ensure they are achievable. Unachievable or too easily achievable targets can be equally demotivating.  

Set Up Remote Onboarding Processes 

Write new onboarding procedures for remote workers. Set up their credentials before they begin and ensure they’re in working order. Start with a video call between the new employee and their team and make introductions. Follow up with a one-to-one meeting to discuss expectations and welcome them to the business.  

Utilize Cloud Computing 

Ensure all your business documentation is readily accessible regardless of location using cloud computing. Choose a reputable, trustworthy company to provide cloud services. Taylored Systems are Indianapolis cloud services providers and are an excellent example of the professionalism you should look for in an IT provider.  

Encourage Employees To Set Up Dedicated Work Areas 

Encourage employees to set up a desk away from the distractions of the rest of their home. Consider providing training on what makes an ideal home-working set-up. Include advice on reducing clutter and keeping healthy while working from home.  

Host Remote Social Events 

Host remote social events to give remote workers social contact. Consider a remote quiz or remote drinks after work.  

Foster Positive Mental Health Practices 

Ensure employees know how to manage their mental health working from home. Encourage them to stick to their working hours and switch off after work. Signpost employees to mental health resources if they need them.  

Ask For Feedback 

Ask employees for feedback about how you could change existing practices. Let them know you’re there to listen if they need help adjusting to remote work. Check in regularly and encourage them to come to you if they have a problem.  

Hold Meetings With An Agenda Avoid hosting meetings without a set agenda. Remote meetings can be less productive than in person, so hold meetings sparingly and allow everyone chance to speak.