Modern services, browser integrated tools, and software for transcription

The times of manual transcription and subtitling, the super complicated and time wasting task, sank into the Lethe. Productive and adjusted software that performs the work more accurately and shoulders the heavy load has replaced manual labor.

This article helps figure out this type of service. The provided options are available for non-skilled consumers who need to get transcription or subtitling urgently. Choose the best service for your purposes.

 Transcription on-demand without installation

Naturally, the simplest way to get a transcribed file is by dealing with professionals who are the best in their field. Here is the list of the best services that provide transcription services:


Transcriberry: the leading transcription services provider with an affordable pricing policy:

Transcriberry provides academic transcription services in all fields of science, dedicated to educatees and educators. The team of professionals is always ready to discuss nonstandard tasks. The range of transcription sources is broad:

The price varies on the complexity and volume of the source.

The transcription process consists of a few simple steps:

As a result, you get a professionally done transcribed file in time inexpensively or even with a discount for bulk orders.

One more transcription service on demand for media files in English with text transcription provided by professional transcriptionists and translators and artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. As with competitors, clients should:

No worries if your source file contains background noise or several speakers talking with diverse accents. For cases when you need a transcription urgently without an accurate correction, you can apply for an automatic version which will be ready in 30 minutes. The absence of human intervention comes along with a significant discount.


Available from your web browser, the tool with an intuitively understandable interface provides an audio player and text editor. Paste your media file or a YouTube link and transcribe your audio record from your keyboard using interactive timestamps. The navigation is simplistic and requires only learning a few combinations of buttons. The system saves the transcribed file in RTF format. Once you require another one, copy/paste the transcribed text into a doc file before saving.


A modernized tool with two options of transcription:

Software developers provide one week of free service usage.


An online tool based on AI technologies provides half an hour of free transcription with a maximally precise result. Thanks to the modern speech recognition technology such as noise-suppressing, and extensive vocabulary in 35 languages, including dialects, it is widely used worldwide. Also, it offers an editor with convenient timestamps for editing machine transcription if it appears not precisely correct.

By choosing a professional assistant from this list, you get a transcription of any volume timely, accurately formatted, and inexpensively. Transcription on demand is the best solution for those who do not want to deal with software installation. Once you proceed with the subscription by yourself, try simple transcription offers from Google or one of the free tools right from your browser.

Transcription software for professionals

If you are looking for professional software, install one of these or several programs:


SpeedScriber is the professional assistance for macOS users and skilled content creators. This program performs the quickest transcription among the competitors: up to 5 times (an hour of video in 10 minutes).

It can recognize various speakers and accents in Dutch, English (British, American, and Australian), French, German, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish.

However, the program does not guarantee the same quality for source files recorded by smartphones or voice recorders. Users can edit the document using makers of various colors, timestamps, and other professionally designed tools.

Each newly created account provides 15 minutes of free transcription.

You can purchase additional minutes at any time. The price for usage depends on the file length: 0.37-0.5 USD per one minute and discounts for large files.


A cloud-based platform fits perfectly for governmental, legal, and educational purposes. Verbit provides a very high level of accuracy.

Regarded by all official organizations, such as Harvard University, London Business School, etc.,

the platform allows integration into Zoom and YouTube platforms for seamless usage. It does not have a free tariff plan.

You should contact the software developer and get information about the rates specifying your type of content: education, enterprise, media, or legal documentation.

Dragon Professional Individual.

Windows operating system users can enjoy the next-speed generation engine to transcribe all types of documents.

It is excellent for students, educators, governmental and court workers, and other professionals.

The modernized tools provide highly accurate results in a shorter period. The software developer represents several versions of the program:

You can read about the detailed differences among a few versions on the official website.


This software is cloud-based (no installation). It works on any device and fits users who want to transport media files into eBooks, reports, and other publishing.

Designrr offers 100 templates, a designer, an editor, and other functional tools to create an eBook. It allows audio and video transcription, e.g., by importing from YouTube links.

The high-quality transcription is not worse than the results of popular professional software such as Dragon. It is one of the most progressive and modernly equipped eBook creators nowadays.


Widely advertised on TV and YouTube, this is a podcast-making application with a week of a free trial. The transcription is available for the English language only and happens during recording.

The highest accuracy reaches 90 percent. You can increase lower results for additional payment or do the corrections in the inbuilt editor.

Podcast fans value this audio processor for its options to share web links. Also, they enjoy editing and competing features.

The FTW Transcriber

the target audience is primary medical workers and individuals. Exceptionally successful solution for playing and saving diverse formats compatible with all word processors.

You can install this software on Windows operating system and Android on Mobile. Rich functionality allows convenience during the transcription process and audio recording.

These are only a few transcription examples valued by users for their specific features and functionality.

Perhaps, you may need to try several ones to choose your ideal. The speed of work and results depend on your skills as well.

If you have skills working with transcription software and know its basic features, you will obtain the simple programs and estimate the additional extra services from the world-known brand producers.

Having a transcription program on your mobile or desktop helps to save your budget from expenses on transcription. If you have to transcribe media files frequently, there is a sense to gain skills in one of the provided computer products.

 Summing up

Today the software market is ready to satisfy the needs of any client. Select the program or service depending on the subject, purpose of the transcription, and budget.

Paid inexpensive services on demand will be ideal for everyone who is limited in time or requires transcribed files randomly. You can save time and money by using computer transcription without human intervention. Start with free simple programs if you want to look at the transcription process from the inside. Continue using licensed software for professional purposes to get a superb quality file.  

It will boost the popularity of your media content and improve the overall workflow regardless of the way of transcription you pick. Apply for the help of professionals who are ready to assist your studying or career path.