A website is the “face” of your company and the success depends on how well you will create your website. When users visit your website, they should feel security, reliability, and simplicity.

If your website is complicated to navigate, complex to read, loaded slowly, visitors will probably leave your website and you can lose potential clients.
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Likewise, you can hire an expert web designer who will find a balance between website elements such as design, functionality, and content. Remember that users do not desire to spend their precious time on low-quality websites.
Especially, nowadays there are tons of similar websites that can put you in competition.

If your website is not different from others, visitors can even not notice your website. You may wonder how to transform a poor website into a winning and superior website? The solution is to achieve balance in website design and optimization.

Finding a Good Design-Content Balance

If you create a website for the first time, you may wonder what should come initially: content or design? You can consider a strategy where content will prevail over design. As a rule, the goal of your website is to deliver content while a good website design and its elements serve to support that content. Users can visit your website because of its pretty look but as soon as they notice a bad quality of the content, they will leave your site instantly.
If you concentrate on content first rather than on design, you can build a conversation that users will have with your website. Your aim is to pay extra attention to most in-demand content on the website. At the same time, graphics will work to raise support and accessibility. If you stick to this method, the concluding stage will be your homepage. As you have created the rest of the content, it would be easier to create a design for your welcome page.
In case you do not know how to start, you can create prototyping content. It can be an ordinary text file or Google doc which you will test further with clients or colleagues. This allows helping you to make sure that you understand everything properly and conversation between you and your clients is created. Then it is the time of design that creates the best visual method to bring this conversation to reality.
In content and web design balance, if you start with content, allows you to save time in the long run. This increases efficiency and enables you to work out the smallest details before beginning the main work. This provides the possibility for the design process to run smoothly.

Finding a Good Functionality-Content Balance

Speaking about balance in web design and content, putting content into priority would be a better solution. The situation is different regarding the functionality and content of your website. When users visit a website, they pay attention to how good this website works rather than on its content.
Thus, during creating your website, you should be concentrated on the next things. Create a simple and easy-to-remember URL. It should be marketable and enable users to type simply into the address bar of browsers. Also, improve the loading time of all pages. The faster your website will load, the less probability that users leave it and visit the websites of your competitors. Do not make your potential customers wait long while the needed page loads.
It is worth mentioning to make navigation of your website easy to use. Do not make the lives of your visitors more complicated. Do not overload pages of extra information. Enable users to find the required information easily and within several seconds. Also, think about providing a search bar for users if they plan to search for anything specific.
Make your website work on all devices. You never know how potential customers will attend your website. Thus, it is recommended to create versions of your website for mobile phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. Your website should look good and work without interruption on all the mentioned devices. After you take care of the functionality of your website, you can move to web content design and other elements of creating a superior website.

Find the Right Aesthetics

Determining the right aesthetics places an important role for your website as well. If users visit your homepage and find out it is boring and not eye-catchy, they will likely leave it. Even good functionality can not assist here. Thus, your website should be visually pleasing for visitors.
As a rule, users prefer those websites that possess consistent color aesthetics. Do not place many advertisements and images just to fill empty spaces. Search for and place those images that resonate with your target audience.
If you are in search of inspiration for suitable design aesthetics for your website, you can consider design styles of worldwide brands. You can pick up the classic style of Coca-Cola or Goodyear, the retro style of Starbucks, the material style of Google, or the modern/minimalist style of Apple.
Moreover, you should think of creating a memorable logo. This assists to build loyalty among your visitors and helps them remember your brand. Come up with a strong logo and place it on every page of your website in the same spot. Recheck that every user can see this logo clearly.
Remember to stick to one/maximum of two fonts but do not utilize extremely ugly fonts. The text should be easily readable on all devices. Utilize a color scheme that contrasts your background and your website’s text. Draw attention to an entire page or to a particular area of the page by applying stunning visuals.

Concluding Words

Creating an excellent website is a complicated process. You can cope with it by your own efforts or hire a professional and assign this task to him/her. There are many website elements you should take into consideration. Finding a balance between these elements will lead to success and make your website recognizable among ordinary users and potential customers.