Sublime text is one of the most popular text editors used for coding. The sublime text has many features that make coding fun, and with sublime text themes, we can change the appearance according to our preferred style. Sublime text is very extensible and makes writing code effortless. An evaluation version can be downloaded from

Before installing plugins and Sublime text themes make sure the Package Control package installed and enabled in the Sublime text, and that can be found at. or

That being said, let’s highlight Best sublime text 3 Themes to use in 2019.

1. Material Theme

The material theme is well documented  & brings the Material Design visual language to your Sublime Text 3. This Sublime text theme has lots of customization options.

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 Plugins Available:

This theme provides a visual configuration tool that allows you to configure the theme by activating the available options from an inline popup. Just right click in your editor and choose.Material Theme > Material Theme Config You can also open the configurator from the command palette by searching Material Theme > Configuration

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2. Seti_UI

Seti UI is One of the Best sublime Text 3 theme ported from the Atom theme with a similar name. Seti_ui also provides beautiful sidebar icons, like Material Theme, but with less stylistic gimmicks.

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Set_ui also supports beautiful blue/yellow highlighted text in the Command Palette, the Completion Popup, and the Goto Window.

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3. Boxy Theme

Boxy is set of easy customizable interface and syntax themes for Sublime Text 3 . Boxy Comes in, both, light and dark variations . boxy offers various of options to tune every visual aspect of your sublime text 3 . boxy is most hackable theme of sublime text 3

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Boxy comes with Five high quality themes and complimentary color schemes including:

  1. Boxy Monokai – Predawn
  2. Boxy Nova – Minimal
  3. Boxy Solarized Dark – Code
  4. Boxy Solarized Light – Iowa
  5. Boxy Yesterday – Atom
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4. Predawn

Predawn is  dark interface and syntax theme for Sublime Text  .   Predawn is one of the best & beautiful theme for sublime text 3 .

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Predawn Theme has lots of customization options.  you can change its look and feel your way.

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5. Agila

Agila is clean &  modern theme for subilimetext 3 . Agila provides Well spaced folders in the file tree for better  readability.

Agila comes with six  high-quality themes and complimentary color schemes including:

  1. Agila Origin Theme
  2. Agila Monokai Theme
  3. Agila Cobalt Theme
  4. Agila Classic Theme
  5. Agila Light Theme
  6. Agila Neon Theme
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6. Materialize

Materialize is based upon the Material theme. Material theme Brings some of the most popular color schemes for Sublime Text 3 and Sublime Text 3 dev.


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know any other sublime themes you like ? share with us.